Going through the backlog

Millbrae had its first Chinese New Year parade this year. The weather forecast was for rain, and it did sprinkle in the morning and remain grey the rest of the day. This caused a change in the parade route, shortening it drastically and catching me (and several other spectators) off-guard. Not many keepers from this event.

I chose the Nikon 28-105mm f/3.5~5.6 AF over my SOP parade lens (the 70-200VR) as I wasn't sure if I'd need a little on the wide end. It was a good choice: checking my shots, I didn't really need much reach. Hit rate: 7%, or 5/73 (ouch!).

I've also completed the photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival parade. Hit rate: 20%, or  74/355.

Small change to my blog: I've got the slideshow working. I had a bit of a problem, where I somehow triggered a lock on my Picasa album, preventing the blog from accessing the photos. Got that fixed but I'm unsure how it happened.


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