Winter cleaning

It's the winter solstice, and I got the idea to clean up my bedroom closet to give me a little more storage space. I found two boxes full of VHS tape, with stuff taped off the air, from laserdiscs, and some fan-subbed anime. Time for all of them to go in the Netflix age.

Time also for all my old cassette tapes to go as I have most of them on CD/mp3, even the OPM stuff. I did convert two cassettes to mp3's, which was a bit of a chore. My Dell XPS420 came with some Roxio stuff that was good at recognizing the beginning and end of the songs. Good for the pre-recorded cassette, but not so good for the one of a live performance. Luckily, CS3 comes with audio editing software, which allowed me to do stuff like fade ins and fade outs, and deleting bad sections.

I did manage to clean up my TPB's, and found four(!) sets of duplicates. I think I'll bring them to Aardvark and see if I can get some money back. I still didn't find the hardbound copy of '1609' that I think I bought, which probably means that I didn't buy it.

I also downloaded Andrea Bocelli's Christmas album for my mom from Amazon ($2 cheaper than iTunes). Not my type of music, but she and my dad like his stuff. It's the holidays...


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