A Merry (macro) Christmas!

The gifts have been unwrapped, the noche buena enjoyed (but not completely finished off), and it's time for the cycle to begin again.

Out-of-focus tree lights (ala Banana Republic, but it would work better if the lights were colored).

Martinelli's sparkling cider.
Shooting hand-held with a 105mm micro (Nikon-speak for macro)  isn't really recommended. Any slight movement you make means an out of focus shot. But it's still fun to try.
Home-made ornament. It takes a lot of patience to cover a ball with sparkles, and the patience ran out.

Macy's musical snowball (wait for the post-Christmas sale for a good buy).

A hand-painted clown angel ("Homer! You have it set on whore!")

And finally, my goal for next year's Christmas.


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