Last weekend before Christmas

We had lunch at Win's on Taraval. My craving for beef with scrambled egg over rice satisfied, we took the L metro (now up to $2!) to check out Union Square. It wasn't as crowded as it should be with less than a week of shopping. There were no lines at Macy's, although there was a queue at See's. Oh, and a really long line at the skating rink.

Saw a clean pagoda 280, with a nice interior that had probably been repaired. I'd love to have one of these cars. It's funny to see a car without headrests. Sadly, none of the currently available and affordable cars is attractive enough for me to want it. Hopefully things will change in five year, which is when I should be in the market for a new car.

Just one more photo, this one from a window display in Union Square (I can't remember which store though, but I think it's Shreve & Co.).

On the way back, we stopped at Aardvark Books on Church street to pick up the last calendar (shopping hint, they sell next year's calendars and datebooks for ~$5 starting in November). And three TPB's to add to the growing mess.


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