Time does more than fly

It simply disappears.

Several updates:

1. The Nikon S3100 is gone, replaced by a Canon A3300IS. The delay between shutter press and release when the flash was used was a major inconvenience, so the camera's gone to a different home. The Canon is about the same size, with about the same image quality, but a much better flash implementation.

2. My Dell P1100 has been replaced by an ASUS PA246. The Dell (well over 15 years old) sometimes would not turn on, requiring several on-off-on cycles before it fired up.

3. The ASUS is a lovely screen, but I am having problems with calibration. The first one had a green tint, so back it went. The replacement cost $50 less (thanks Amazon for not allowing me to get a replacement and requiring me to order a new on instead), and has less of a green tint, but it's still there.

4. Related to #3, Datacolor is sending a replacement for my Spyder3 Elite after concluding that it's the unit that's at fault. I'll find out if that's true when the new one arrives next week.

5. The Nvidia GeForce 8800GT in my Dell XPS 420 finally died. An EVGA GTX 560 has replaced it. Slightly faster according to Windows, but now there's an occasional stutter in my audio. I'm still trying to figure out what happened. The 420 has been given a new breath of life with an additional 3GB and Windows 7 64-bit.

6. My Dell Inspirion 1420 bit the dust. The video problem finally killed it, and wouldn't you know it, the extended warranty is also over. Yet another Nvidia problem.

7. My Dell 2209WA also suffered an untimely death. A yellow vertical line shows up when the monitor is cold, and goes away once it's warmed up. Dell tech support naturally blamed user damage, and I had to argue with them that there's no way this could be my fault. They replaced it with a refurbished Dell U2212. Slightly smaller screen size at a higher resolution, so not exactly the ideal situation for an aging photographer. I calibrated it with the Spyder3 and it has a smaller color space than the 2209, so it's not the best replacement. I wish they could fix my 2209, but that's not the way things are done in this day and age. I wonder what will happen to it; I was tempted to ask Dell if I could buy it for $50; it would still work for web browsing.

That's what happens when you don't update your blog .