Year end musings 2018 edition

Looks like my last post was almost a year ago 💀 This has been a very busy year, and this blog is one of the many things that have been neglected.

My kit is undergoing a major upheaval. The Nikon Z7 has joined the kit, along with the FTZ adapter. No native S mount lenses yet as I didn't want to spend too much; the new camera required new batteries and memory (yeesh, XQD is expensive!). And sadly the Sigma 500mm isn't compatible with the FTZ; it focuses occasionally. So the Nikon 200-500mm f5.6E VR has also joined the kit (courtesy of a $200 discount from the normal price). 

The Z7 is a nice camera. AF may not be at the level of the D3, but it's much better than the Fuji X-T1. The EVF is also superior to that of the Fuji. The Contax 100mm f2 that I've had so much trouble nailing focus on the Fuji is a joy to use on the Nikon.

So what's in my kit at the moment? For bodies, I have the Z7, the D3, D5200, V2, X-T1, and X-E2. That means I'm supporting four lens mounts. Current lens count is 27 F mount, three CX, five Contax/Yashica, six Fuji X-mount, and a handful of M42 and FD mounts. Quite the alphabet soup.

How did I end up in this situation 😓? Next year's goal is to determine which lenses and bodies need to go.

Merry Christmas to all. I'll be doing my usual surfing photos in a few weeks, testing out the Z7 and the 200-500mm.