DX on FX

I'm still waiting for my 35mm f/1.8G FX lens (yes Nikon, have a sale without adequate stock, that's a great idea). In the meanwhile, I decided to give the 35mm DX a try on the D3. I have used this combination some time ago, but more as a test. This time around it will be out in the field taking actual photos.

The results aren't that bad. Yes, there's a lot of light falloff in the corners, and visible barrel distortion. ACR does a good job correcting those problems, at the usual expense of cropped images. I can live with the results, as long as I don't apply an overly critical eye.
If you don't fix these issues, you're left with an image that can resemble one of those old-time photos with vignetted corners and the subject right in the center of the photo. I can see using this effect on some images, but not so much for casual shooting. It is something to add to the bag of tricks.

So while I'm still waiting for my lens, here are some shots from last weekend's Chinese New Year parade with the DX lens.

More images can be found here.


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