The long-lived Nikon D3

It's been over nine years since I bought my Nikon D3. It has taken 103.483 shots (according to the useful site). Earlier this summer, I noticed that one of the batteries was at level 4 of its life cycle, with the red ! indicating it was nearing EOL. I have been getting less and less shots with both batteries.

I looked around for a new EN-EL4A, and a Nikon one costs $110. Back in 2009, I paid $60 for the same thing. There are very few third party EN-EL4As, but B&H sells one under the Watson brand for $60. The one I ordered will arrive next week, in time for my annual surf shootout.

Many years ago, I ordered a third party EN-EL4 for my D2H. That battery worked fine, but the D3 wouldn't recognize it.

Hopefully this battery will last until the EOL of the D3. To be honest, I don't think I'll get close to the MTBF rating of the D3's shutter. Majority of my shooting is now done with the Fuji X-E2, and the D3 only comes out if it's surfing or any high speed subjects, and the occasional parade. Age and the weight of the D3 kit have relegated it to gathering dust in my camera cabinet.

On a side note, it's getting to the end of the year, and I'll have a quick update on the contents of my cabinet.

Update: The Watson performed fine, giving over 2k shots on one charge with half still left. I don't remember the Nikon batteries lasting this long (it's been a year since my last heavy use of the D3). There is a fit issue though, with the Watson requiring a shove to get it in, unlike the Nikon batteries which slide smoothly in without effort.


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