Double, triple, quadruple check, to be sure

I messed up on my last trip over the Christmas break. I got to my destination, only to discover that:
  1. I forgot the charger for the V2 (sitting in the box of chargers)
  2. I forgot to bring extra batteries for the X-E2 (sitting in the bag that I had used the day before my departure)
  3. I forgot the Nikon TC-14E II (sitting in the backpack that I had previously loaded up with gear, only to change my mind and not totally empty it)

I did bring three batteries to mitigate #1, but that meant I had to sparingly use the V2. I mitigated #2 by constantly charging the one battery that was in the X-E2. I had though of buying more batteries, but one cost $60, and Amazon wouldn't ship to my location. As for #3, well, there's no mitigating a missed TC.

To compound matters, the laptop that I used to transfer files from the cards to my portable HD kept on disconnecting both my cardreader and HD. I didn't double check what was being transferred, so when I got home, over 400 images were missing. It sucks that these were of the Vans surfing event. Argh! To compound the problem, I had formatted the card that I used on that day, and used it for other days. Don't ask why as I had more than enough CF cards to last the trip and then some.

Not a good way to end the year (I'm not counting it as the start of the year as the errors happened in 2016).

Here's to a better year ahead.


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