Jumping ahead

The World Cup in Brazil is coming up, so what better way to celebrate than with Carnaval SF. This year I had a scheduling conflict, so I went to the staging area instead of attending the actual parade (similar to the St. Patrick's Day parade earlier this year). It's a bit more fun as the parade participants are more willing to pose, and some actually practice their dancing.

I went with only one body and lens, the D3 + 28-70mm. I could have used a little more reach for some shots (not really the in-your-face type), and a little more FOV. Sounds like the 24-120VR would be a good fit for situations like this. I used the SB-800 for some shots, but I wasn't happy with the results (as usual).

Two issues: too many people taking selfies, and too many other photographers!

Hit rate: 261/1,059, or 25%

Complete set of photos here


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