State of the (hardware) nation

I said goodbye to an old friend today. After a few months of half-hearted craigslisting, my trusty D2H has gone on to another home. Digital cameras are not an investment as I sold it for 8% of its purchase price in 2003. But it has taken over 65k images, some of which are my favorites. The colors out of the camera are vibrant (more so than the typical Nikon body of the time), and the AF is fast and with great frame coverage (something the D3 lacks). I loved the portraits that came out of this camera, with a great balance of resolution and color.

On the other hand, the resolution and high ISO performance are sub-par compared to the current state of digital. I recently bought a D3200, so the D2H had to go. I still have the D1, but something is wrong with it as it won't take any photos with a card installed.

So what's my kit? The D3 (for low light and when I really, really need to get the shot), the V1 (for walking around, video and when I don't want something heavy), and the D3200 (for when I need 24MP). The D3 is the oldest of the bunch (85k shots in 6.5 years), but I don't see replacing it soon.

Godspeed D2H, may you find a second life with your new owner.


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