First album of the year

Made a short trip to Sin City with some friends for Chinese New Year. Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded, most likely because it was the middle of the week. The weather was nice, but not warm enough to hit the pool.

I tried to get a good seat on the plane going to Vegas, but unfortunately I was stuck behind the engines. I also picked the wrong side as the sun came up and reflected my yellow shirt in the window. I did manage a few good shots as the plane circled the strip.

The 10-30mm worked fine throughout the trip. I could be wrong, but it looks sharper than it did before (it's considered one of the weakest in the CX lineup). I'm happy to have the lens back as it's a good walk-around lens, and indispensible for videos because of VR.

I didn't manage to ride the High Roller. One of these days. No night shots either, but then that's not really the V1's forte without a tripod.

Hit rate: 44/274, or 16%


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