My first Nikon recall

The aperture on my 10-30mm VR would stay fully stopped-down after taking one or two shots. I thought it was the viewfinder going black, until I looked at the lens. The camera wouldn't take a shot since it couldn't AF (I didn't try it in manual mode though). Powering the camera down didn't reset the aperture; the lens had to be remounted for it to work. Of course one or two shots later it would close up again.

Off to Nikon with the lens (two years into the five year extended US warranty). Nikon received the lens, and states "TO GWO LENS COMMUNICATION PROBLEM-VF & LCD GO No Charge/Good Will Repair."

At the same time, a service advisory has been released for the lens:

I would recommend sending yours in even if it's working, as it's bound to fail. Plus you'll get a spiffy black dot. My timing is just right as I'll skip the mad rush of kit lenses coming in for repair.


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