The D3 at ISO6400

I've had my D3 for a little over 7 years now, and I'm still amazed by its high ISO capabilities. I usually limit the auto ISO setting to ISO3200, which is easily processed by the noise reduction software that I use. Of course I'm still trying to sell it as it's just too big and heavy now (getting older is tough).

Shooting the Dia de los Muertos parade in San Francisco is a challenge as it's city streets at night. I went to my first one two years ago, and I decided to let the ISO go up to 6400 as I needed high shutter speeds to get sharp pictures with the 50mm f/1.8G. I still got some blurry shots (damn all that caffeine as a child!), but I am surprised at how workable the photos are for posting on the web. The colors are a little washed out, and there is noise, but not that bad. The lighting is a challenge, with the white balance dropping down as far as it would go.

I should have processed these images before attending the 2014 event, as I limited the ISO to 3200 last year. There's something to be said about being prompt in your processing (or at least chronological).

 More images can be found here

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